Bohol Tour Packages

If you plan to visit Bohol, can offer you our tour services and accommodation arrangements. You can choose to avail any of the following tour packages:

We have several options for spending a day here in Bohol. You can choose from the following options of itineraries:
  1. Bohol Countryside Tour - includes visiting the Chocolate Hills and tarsier, the 2 most visited attractions in the province. Best option for first time visitors in the province. The Chocolate Hills are 1200+ cone-shaped hills located in 4 towns located at the central part of the province. The tarsier is a small primate with big eyes and which can turn their heads 180 degrees.
  2. Panglao Island Tour - includes visiting Dauis church and its miraculuous well, the Bohol Bee Farm and Hinagdanan Cave.
  3. Dolphin Watching and Island Hopping - includes watching the dolphins on their natural habitat, swimming, snorkeling and hand feeding of various colorful fishes in Balicasag Island. You also got to visit the uninhabited Puntod Island, famously known as the Virgin Island.
  4. Mag-aso Falls Tour - includes visiting the beautiful Mag-aso Falls and the historic Punta Cruz Watchtower.
  5. Sagbayan Peak Tour - includes visiting the Sagbayan Peak and other destinations of the countryside tour.
  6. EAT Danao Adventure Tour - extreme and thrill-seeking adventures at the Danao Adventure Park with a possible drop-by in Sagbayan Peak.
We have prepared several options for itineraries our guests can choose from when staying overnight here in Bohol. The itineraries we have prepared are based mainly on our previous arrangements with our guests and the packages they have availed.

2D/1N Tour Package Bestseller - the most availed package for 2 days and 1 night stay here in Bohol.

For other possible itineraries for 2D/1N stay here in Bohol, you can visit the 2D/1N Packages page.

For two nights stay here in Bohol, we have several options for possible itineraries. Guests can choose to have activities for each day or leave a day or 2 free.

3D/2N Tour Package Bestseller - the most availed package for 2 nights stay here in Bohol.

For other itineraries and longer stay here in Bohol, you can visit there particular pages by clicking on their corresponding links below.

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